Shame #1 – Biggest Shame, Do not repent from mistakes!

29 October 2010; 8 Nov 2010; 18 June 1012

IMPORTANT** If anyone has filed a police report, please leave a comment here as we are collecting all the case numbers! Thank you for your help!!

Dear shoppers,

Please be aware of Zerbel Ho Siew Hwee/Hui ( / Current blogshop: . She has opened a lot of blogshops before. Should you go to, and type “zerbelho” or “zerbel ho siew hui”, you will know why I said that. Singapore blogshop directories like SGFLEA, Deluxmall have blacklisted her, along with a lot of blogshops. As for her details, I will not post it here, she has 3 addresses.

Some claimed that she had police record, however, when I texted her, she said she don’t bother whether she has a bad record, please be careful and only trade / deal with her at your own risk.

Basically, what happened to me goes here: She bought 10 canes, asked for my pictures without watermark and said she was taking supplies from me, she then used the pictures as her own, claiming she owned a nail parlor with a friend at the age of 19. This is not a big issue which happened to me, but I just wish to warn blogshoppers first.

She even said “Watermark could be easily removed, I’ve the software. Do you need it? Silly, it’s not what you ask me not to and I’ll take the order. Afterall, you are not a registered co. We as a registered co with ACRA, have nothing to be scared of.” Can you believe how arrogant this girl/woman is?

Of course I told her, if you have the software, then you could have just remove my watermark, why take it from us. Asked for ACRA too, she did not give! And she replied “I was saving the trouble to do so. And glad that you actually did it for us. So long as we have nth to be afraid of, and we don’t find a reason why not to use those photos, everything is fine. You need not check us out, you can’t do anything either.”

She even said she had a lawyer, what a joke. And apparently, this Zerbel accused me that if I am that capable, I wouldn’t be selling fimo to earn that few cents desperately. “And young lady, we don’t sell fimo for your info. We are a nail parlour.” Looks like this childish kid is younger than me and she call me young lady? What a joke.

Of course I will not mind if she ask me politely if she could use the photos, hey, afterall, it’s someone’s else effort, if she asked politely, I would have agreed readily! But no, her attitude was very bad and rude. She even mentioned things like “my friend who is the main shareholder of the shop thinks that everyone that patronize her shop should know about you as well as blackmarking your shop”. Anyway, since when do we refer human as “that”, does blackmarking even exist in the dictionary?

All those harsh words “I guess in your life, you can only dream about making your blogshop big”.

How about this “We do welcome people like you (to their nail parlor). Can you even afford to pay $300-$509 for a one time medicaare? Oh crap, Guess your pay is not even a $2k, and you don’t even have a $10k in your bank right now.”

Anyway, go and google, you will see everything for yourself, how bad her reputation is.

Please, only trade/deal with her at your risk. If you become the prey of hers, do not hesitate to let me know, I will provide you with all her contact details and assist you should you need any help.

For more information,visit these sites to know how she scammed more people!


Oh, zerbel told me to be prepared to pay for legal fees -.- This is the best thing that can happen to her this year, she will be in a big mess 😉

Anyway, if anyone has more links, pls post here so I can update, I wonder why this site become popular overnight when i just set it up on 29 nov 2010, when I googled zerbel ho, this site came up instead of the others, so everyone who are victims, drop me a comment and I will update so everyone knows about Zerbel Ho.

We do not want people like her to spoil our online shopping experience so please help if you can! =) Would be greatly appreciated. Should you want to file a police report, please leave me a comment and we will tell you what to do next. Also, please tell me if I should or should not approve your comment =)

18 June 2012 – Dear shoppers/victims of Zerbel Ho, please note that she is scamming till date!! We urge all victims to take screen shots on their computer, smart phone, anything of any transaction, receipts with singpost or any proof they have of being scammed by her. Then head to the police station and file a report. You do not want to let her get away scott-free, do you? This is her facebook profile –

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